Monday, January 16, 2012

Franken Swatch: Set Fire to the Rain

This past week I dedicated a post to a trio of frankens / custom blended nail polish I created and titled the Adele Collection. While they weren't my first ever nail polishes that I made, they are the first that I'm truly proud of and confident enough to put on the blog. Plus, I had a lot of polish that just didn't work because of glitter bleeding so it was nice to finally have a solid result after all that tinkering with glitters and pigments.

In the former post I showed you the swatches from this trio on a color wheel and how they look in the bottles, but now I have one of the colors as an actual swatch! My Fiji Frenzy manicure started chipping within a few days of applying it (boo), so I just re-did my nails, this time with my custom blend I call Set Fire to the Rain.

For all the swatches below I used 2 coats with one coat of Seche Vite. The formula was a bit thick, so next time I'll add some thinner to the polish. I used the brush from the ManGlaze bottle, and while I love the bottles for frankens, they're not as great for applying polish. The handle of the brush is about the width of a quarter and only about 2 inches high, so it's a bit awkward and cumbersome to handle. The combination of the handle and the thickness of the polish worked against me, so the manicure was a little sloppy.

I'm still playing around with the mug idea. I love this panda mug. 

Set Fire to the Rain is a bit coral with a golden shimmer that also looks a little light orange at times. After a few days of wearing it, it definitely grew on me. The color lasted about 5 days before any major chipping began, but I did have some tip wear within about 3 days.

The photos above and below are how Set Fire to the Rain looks with flash. I wanted to show off how multi-dimensional the color is. It looks different in all types of light. All of the colors I used to create the nail polish come through and create a gorgeous combination. 

I hope you enjoyed my first swatches of this collection! I've enjoyed creating these custom blends as a creative outlet and I'm happy to share them with you.

Let me know your thoughts on this color in the comments section! Any advice or personal tales on making frankens / custom blends? 

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