Saturday, January 7, 2012

a-england Sale!

Apparently I picked the worst time of year to decide not to buy nail polish and I'm pretty close to breaking this resolution. I'm still tempted to pick up the 2 free Zoya's, because after thinking about it, it is a good deal. In addition to this, Adina at a-england is having a 30% off sale for her 1 year anniversary. I want an a-england polish so bad. I adore the brand, because it's such a clever concept and the swatches I've seen are amazing. Plus, there's the upcoming The Legend collection, which looks even more amazing from the previews I've seen.

Click here for the a-england sale.

You can see a preview of a-england's The Legend collection here on ommorphia beauty bar.

Tomorrow I'll hopefully have pictures of the beautiful frankens I made this weekend! Happy shopping!

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