Saturday, March 31, 2012

Layering: Whimsical Kristen

I've finally gotten around to wearing Revlon Whimsical and I must say, I love this polish. It mostly came down to finding the perfect "undies" for Whimsical, because I knew I wouldn't be able to wear it on its own. Then, thanks to Zoya's buy 3, get 3 free Spring promo, I picked up Zoya Kristen! I knew it would be a great match for Whimsical.

Kristen and Whimsical together
Zoya Kristen a a gorgeous dusty light blue creme polish from Zoya's Feel collection. Their website actually describes Kristen as a "gull gray nail polish with a mild bluish hue." Either way, I really like this color and it covered beautifully in just two coats. Plus, it shares the same name as my best friend, even though she spells it differently.

Revlon Whimsical is light pink and light blue hex glitter, with some smaller blue glitter, in a milky light blue base. This polish has gained notoriety as being a dupe of Deborah Lippmann's Glitter in the Air. Whimsical is the much more affordable version. 

I used two coats of Whimsical over Kristen. Whimsical is a little bit watery (or at least my bottle was) and placing the glitter can be a little difficult. Despite this, I think that Whimsical is worth the little bit of extra effort. After wearing so many dark colors lately, this combination was a welcome change. I didn't want to take it off!

What do you think about this combination? Do you own either of these? Don't forget to enter my Spring Fling giveaway so you can win Whimsical! The giveaway ends tomorrow!

Monday, March 26, 2012

Wet n Wild: Speak When Spoken To

Wet n Wild recently released a collection of duo-chrome glitters called Be Jeweled as part of their Coloricon line. They're similar to the China Glaze Prismatic collection, from what I've been seeing and reading, but at $2.99 a bottle, way more affordable. They are Limited Edition though, so if you really like them, better pick them up when you see them!

I wanted to do some swatches of Speak When Spoken To since it's part of my Spring Fling giveaway! This polish has so much going on. It's duo-chrome AND glitter! To show you all the full effect, I layered Speak When  Spoken To over 2 coats of China Glaze Liquid Leather.

Look at that gorgeousness! Speak When Spoken To shifts from blue to a pink purple. I like the intensity that the polish gets with black under it. I used two coats of SWST. I could have just used one, but I like doing 2 coats of glitter to even it out. I usually really dislike the Coloricon polish brushes, and while this one wasn't my favorite, I didn't have a problem with it. It's actually a brush that works well with this type of glitter polish.

I also used two coats of Seche Vite top coat to get the mani nice and smooth. The only downside of Seche is that it definitely caused shrinkage within 24 hours. I did order some Cult Nails Wicked Fast, so hopefully that won't be a problem anymore once that arrives!

So there you have it! Do you own any of the Be Jeweled collection? Which are your favorite? Do you also own any of the China Glaze Prismatic collection? If you do, which do you prefer?

Someone will be the lucky winner of this polish, so be sure to enter my giveaway!

Thursday, March 22, 2012

KelBel Cosmetics: Super Grover!

Hey all! Just a quick post today. I'm going to try to get swatches up of the polishes from my Spring Fling giveaway (with the exception of Popular). I have 2 of each polish so you can be assured that the polish in the giveaway is of course not used. :) 

Today I have the swatch picture of Super Grover that's on my Etsy shop. I layered it over different colors to show how awesome this polish is!

From top to bottom: Super Grover over black, alone, over blue and over silver
Super Grover reminds me of my older brother. One day he was walking through school (I forget if it was high school or grammar school) and he decided to burst into an empty room, like Super Grover does, voice and all. But to his surprise, it was actually a classroom full of students! It's one of my favorite stories and pretty much sums up my older brother. Well maybe not exactly, but it's the kind of thing that runs in my family.

So I hope you enjoy this polish as much as I do. Most likely it will be a Limited Edition color or I'll have to make it a new formula. The winner of my Spring Fling giveaway will have a real treasure on their hands (literally). Enjoy!

What do you think of Super Grover? Let me know in the comments section!

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Spring Fling Giveaway!

Hey lovely readers! Since Spring is my favorite season and today is the first official day of Spring, I decided to do a giveaway! I've also reached over 700+ views on my blog and that is awesome, so why not celebrate?

There will be one winner of the Spring Fling Giveaway and they will win these fabulous prizes! (pictured below)

  • Revlon Whimsical
  • Revlon Popular
  • Revlon Carbonite
  • Wet n Wild Speak When Spoken To from the Be Jeweled collection
  • And I couldn't help myself, a mini bottle of Super Grover from KelBel Cosmetics!

Just use the Rafflecopter widget below to enter. This giveaway ends on April 1st, so you have plenty of time to get entries in. Good luck!

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Green for St. Paddy's Day!

Happy belated St. Patrick's Day! This weekend I spent time with the hubby and his friends. St. Patrick's Day with them is becoming a tradition. There's usually corned beef and cabbage, cupcakes and drinks of course. It was a good time, but it definitely didn't leave any time for blogging.

For my late St. Patrick's Day post, I decided to post the three greens from my Etsy shop, KelBel Cosmetics! I've been wearing these in the two weeks leading up to the holiday. I love these colors and hope you do too!

The two above photos are of Hep Alien. It's a bright spring green that doesn't like to be photographed. I had such a hard time getting a color accurate photo. The top photo is closest to real life, but Hep Alien can also look a little lighter depending on the light. There's also a subtle rose shimmer. I used two coats in the above pictures. 

Hep Alien was inspired by my favorite show, Gilmore Girls. In the show, Lane (Rory's best friend) forms a band called, you guessed it, Hep Alien. I'm hoping to add more Gilmore Girls themed nail polish soon!

This second color is Kelly Green. It's my "signature color" so to speak. I've always had a special place in my heart for Kelly Green since my name is Kelly. It's also the perfect color for St. Patrick's Day and I made sure I was wearing it on the actual holiday. Kelly Green also has a great shimmer throughout the polish. It was my favorite green that I wore recently. The post man at work even complimented my nails when I wore Kelly Green! Shown above is 3 coats of Kelly Green to make it come out really bright. 

Lastly is Luck of the Irish! It's a deeper green with subtle golden shimmer. This polish looked 10 times better on my nails than it did in the bottle, which is surprising. I was very happy with how Luck of the Irish came out.   I only needed two coats!

Hep Alien, Kelly Green and Luck of the Irish are available in mini bottles on my Etsy shop (link above) for $4.50 each + shipping. 

Which green polish did you wear for St. Patrick's Day? What do you think of these greens? Let me know in the comments section. I'd love to hear your feedback!

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Pi Day Sale!

Hey readers! I apologize for the lack of updates, I've been hard at work with making polish and my job. I just wanted to pop in to let everyone know that my Etsy shop, KelBel Cosmetics, is having a Pi Day sale! Get free shipping on any order with the code PIDAY314 for today (3/14) only! Click the banner below to take a look at the shop.

Happy polishing!

Monday, March 5, 2012

Color Club Magnetic Force: Electro-Midnight

Hey lovely readers! Today I have swatches of my first magnetic nail polish! I picked up Electro-Midnight from the Color Club Magnetic Force collection a few weeks ago as part of my Hometown Haul. I just couldn't resist a blue magnetic polish.

The Color Club magnet on this polish makes a wavy pattern. To apply Electro-Midnight, I did each finger individually, which is a must with magnetic polish. I put on one coat of polish, then held the magnet over it for the recommended 15 seconds. The Color Club magnet is a cover that goes over the top of the nail polish bottle. You separate it from the actual brush to make it easier to use. It also has a lip on one side to rest on your finger to help keep the magnet from touching the nail. 

After covering each nail with one coat of polish, I went back over each nail with a second coat and repeated the process. I managed to only hit my nail with the magnet 2 or 3 times, but only on the first coat.

I think this mani turned out pretty well for my first time using magnetic polish. I really love the color of Electro-Midnight, it's right up my alley and was completely opaque in two coats. The formula was definitely a dream to work with. Although I would have liked the magnet to be a little bit stronger, I'm still happy with how the pattern turned out. The only downside was that I had a little chip after less than 24 hours and I noticed some tip wear/shrinkage but that could have been due to topping it with Seche Vite. 

Do you own any from the Color Club Magnetic Force collection? What is your favorite magnetic polish? 

Friday, March 2, 2012

Capitol Colours: Fast Track

The much anticipated Capitol Colours collection from China Glaze (aka the Hunger Games collection) has finally arrived! My order from arrived on Wednesday and I had to try at least one as soon as possible. It was a tough decision because I wanted to wear them all at once!

Unfortunately, I couldn't do that because our Board of Trustees was in town. I needed something subtle, but not boring, so I went with Fast Track. It's a gorgeous beige with golden shimmer. This polish is packed with shimmer. At first the color seemed a little underwhelming, but after wearing it for two days, I am in love with this color.

I used Orly Bonder for the base coat and two coats of Fast Track. Depending on your preference for opacity, Fast Track could possibly use three coats. I topped it off with Seche Vite, as usual. China Glaze did not disappoint on the formula with this one and I can't wait to try the other Capitol Colours that I picked up. 

The Capitol Colours collection is available now. I got my haul from Sally Beauty, but some other websites have them as well. It goes without saying that I'll have to choose one to wear when I actually go to the see The Hunger Games.

Once again, have you picked up any of the Capitol Colours? If not, what are you waiting for?!