Thursday, March 22, 2012

KelBel Cosmetics: Super Grover!

Hey all! Just a quick post today. I'm going to try to get swatches up of the polishes from my Spring Fling giveaway (with the exception of Popular). I have 2 of each polish so you can be assured that the polish in the giveaway is of course not used. :) 

Today I have the swatch picture of Super Grover that's on my Etsy shop. I layered it over different colors to show how awesome this polish is!

From top to bottom: Super Grover over black, alone, over blue and over silver
Super Grover reminds me of my older brother. One day he was walking through school (I forget if it was high school or grammar school) and he decided to burst into an empty room, like Super Grover does, voice and all. But to his surprise, it was actually a classroom full of students! It's one of my favorite stories and pretty much sums up my older brother. Well maybe not exactly, but it's the kind of thing that runs in my family.

So I hope you enjoy this polish as much as I do. Most likely it will be a Limited Edition color or I'll have to make it a new formula. The winner of my Spring Fling giveaway will have a real treasure on their hands (literally). Enjoy!

What do you think of Super Grover? Let me know in the comments section!


  1. I love this! It is a gorgeous polish Kel!
    I reeaaaallllly hope I can snag it in your giveaway!
    You are quite the talented frankener girl :)

    1. Thank you! I just put all my tester frankens in one box and I have a lot! More to come in the future.