Friday, April 6, 2012

Wet n Wild: Chrome Limited Edition Collection

Today is an exciting post! I was checking out Rite Aid, as I am wont to do, and saw a full display of a collection I had never seen or heard of before! It was a new Wet n Wild display, right next to the Be Jeweled collection. This collection is another Limited Edition called Chrome. I was so excited, I stood in front of the display for a good few minutes while I tried to decide which to take home with me. 

I decided on the above two colors, Precious Petals and Stay Outta My Bismuth. The display also had a silver, gold, purple, turquoise, and an light orange-ish color. It took me forever to decide, but I figured I couldn't go wrong with pink and blue. I also think the bottles themselves are adorable and a nice change for Wet n Wild. 

Precious Petals is a bright pink foil with a silver shimmer throughout. While foils are not my favorite finish, I do love that they dry really quickly! I would say the dry time on these is about 2 minutes. I used a top coat anyway to make the polish shine a bit more. The application was a little difficult, mostly due to the foil finish. The brush on my bottle of Precious Petals was also a little wonky. However, the polish does cover very well in two coats. 

Precious Petals is a lot more vibrant in real life. It's a perfect spring and summer color!

The second polish from the Chrome collection is Stay Outta My Bismuth. It's a bright blue foil with a golden shimmer. The application on this was better overall because the brush was better. However, be sure to wait for each coat to dry before adding another so you avoid dragging and clumping. Stay Outta My Bismuth is a fun color as well. I actually swatched these two colors at the same time, one on each hand and I really like the combination. 

I found the Wet n Wild Chrome collection at Rite Aid and the bottles retail for $3.99 each. I also received 50 cents off when I used my Rite Aid Wellness+ card. They're a bit expensive for the 8.5 ml size bottles, especially since they're higher priced than most Wet n Wild collections, but I think they're worth it if you really love foils or just want some fun new colors for the warmer weather. 

What do you think of these two from the Chrome collection? Have you seen these in stores yet? 

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  1. I like Stay Outta My Bismuth. It sort of reminds me of Zoya Crystal!!!