Tuesday, April 10, 2012

My Ott Light Odyssey

I have a story for you lovely readers. A little over a week ago I purchased an Ott light. I needed a second light source for my light box and had heard good things about Ott. I had stopped at Michael's to pick up a Melmer and as I was walking around found the Ott lights at 40% off! It was fate, meant to be, so I picked up the tulip style lamp. I was so excited and couldn't wait to get home and use my new great polish-related purchases.

*Disclaimer: This is a very long post. Continue if you're brave enough, or just feel like reading a lot.*

That night I got everything home and there were no problems at all. I started putting together the Melmer and set up the Ott light. (By the way, not the best idea to watch Mad Men, drink wine and put together a Melmer all at once. Your husband may have to step in 2 hours later and finish it for you in under 10 minutes.) All was happy in Kelly's nail polish world.

The happy days continued. I took pictures of swatches and bottles with my nice, bright, color-accurate Ott light for the blog and Etsy. There was the oops of getting some Bath & Body Works Wallflower plug-in oil on the empty box that my light was on top of, but no biggie, I'll just throw the box away.

Then disaster struck. (And by disaster I'm being dramatic, but that's how it felt.) I came home with my new Wet n Wild Chrome beauties and was all ready to swatch them and take photos. I went to take the bottle shots first and tried to move the Ott light. Much to my dismay it felt stuck to the table. Another gentle yet firm pull and it was off the end table, but a ring in the wood was left behind. That was bad enough, but then I tried to move the Ott light again and the whole bottom came clean off...:gasp:

The light itself still worked, but the top shell was completely detached from the bottom base that weighs it down. Then it popped into my head, since everything reeked of scented oil, that the Wallflower oil had eaten away at the plastic, damaging not only our end table, but the lamp itself. I was so upset and mad at myself for being careless with my brand new lamp. I picked up the crumbling plastic and lost all motivation to swatch. I went outside, slowly and shoulders slumped, like a child that had broken her favorite new toy, to tell my husband what happened. I was sad and needed someone to commiserate with me.

But here's where the husband comes to the rescue. I told him that I broke my lamp. (Afterward he would tell me that when I came outside, I looked as though someone had died. Yep, I exaggerate.) He inspected it and came to the conclusion that it was not my fault. The lamp had broken, not been melted away by the oil. He figured the lamp came broken, we just didn't notice it at all. He said if I could find the receipt, we would take it back and exchange it no problem. And then he took me to Dairy Queen for dinner to make up for a sad evening. (P.S. food is the way to my heart.)

I worried about the situation for a good two days before we were able to return it. I even had excuses and everything ready. With Wallflower oil on the box and a broken lamp, I was sure Michael's would not take it back and basically tell me it was too bad, but not their problem. Much to my surprise, they took the lamp back and put the money back on my card, no questions asked.

Nail polish looks better with an Ott light
Excited and relieved, I went to go find my new Ott light. I found one and the deal was even better than the first time. I bought a brand new Ott light (same one, but with a blue base), a replacement bulb and a paint brush, the total of which ended up costing me LESS  than what I had originally paid for the first broken Ott light. Success!

So there you have it, my roller coaster journey of my first week of owning (2) Ott lights. Now everything in my little corner of the world is back to normal and I can go back to taking pictures at any time of day, sunlight or not! I'm a very happy blogger now that this situation has been fixed.

Do you have an Ott light? (Isn't it amazing!) Have you had any similar situations that you thought would be disasters, but turned out fine in the end? 


  1. LOL! I love your story I''m glad everything worked out in the end for you :)

    1. Thank you! I'm glad it did too, now my swatches and bottle shots are coming out much better. And I got Dairy Queen out of the deal, haha.