Monday, April 23, 2012

Moar Cult Nails Nail Mail!

Happy Monday all! I hope everyone enjoyed their weekend. Now that it's back to the work week, here's some nail mail to brighten your day.

I have gotten a lot of nail mail in the past few weeks, which is always exciting. In the past, most of my nail polish has come from stopping at my local drug store(s) and picking up polish that catches my eye. Now that I've become part of the nail blogging community, there are so many more options for buying polish! This may be bad for my wallet, but it has introduced me to so many great brands that are not available in store.

Anyway, in addition to ordering the Divas and Drama collection, I also took part in the Cult Nails $5 sale. The sale was to celebrate Cult Nails (and Maria) reaching 5,000 likes on Facebook. It's quite a milestone and Marie was nice enough to treat us Culties to this great sale. It's essentially a 50% off sale, since her polish is normally $10 a bottle. She did limit it to 3 bottles at $5 in order to make sure it was fair for everyone and for her as well.

I definitely took advantage of the sale and even stayed up till midnight to order. I usually never go online at the exact time things go on sale, but this one was worth it.

Because of the timing of the new collection and the sale, these ended up arriving a few days after the Divas and Drama collection. It was an epic nail mail week for me. As  you can see, I picked up Let Me Fly, Enigmatic and Captivated. 

From L to R: Enigmatic, Let Me Fly, Captivated
They are all gorgeous colors and I can't wait until I've worn all three! Here's some bottle spam in the meantime.

Did you take part in the $5 Cult Nails sale? If you did, what did you end up getting? Did you stay up until midnight Eastern time like I did? 

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