Saturday, November 12, 2011

Welcome and First Mani!

Welcome to my nail blog, Nail'd It! I have always enjoyed nail polish and doing my own manicures and pedicures. My motto is why pay someone when I can do it myself and spend that money on a good bottle of nail polish.

Most of my manicures in the past have been simple; just a plain mani with one type of nail polish and no designs. Little did I know I was missing out on amazing nail designs. Thanks to the blog HelloGiggles, I was exposed to the world of DIY nail art and numerous other nail blogs and Etsy shops. There are some very talented ladies out there and it inspired in me a new appreciation for nail art and nail polish.

This blog will contain my nailventures, if you will, into the world of nail art and my journey from nail n00b to hopefully nail pro. I hope you'll enjoy the ride and my trials and tribulations.

My first featured mani is one I will call "Vanilla Funfetti".
For the base I used Brucci Nail Hardener in "Snow White". I haven't worn white nail polish, with the exception of french tips, in years. I thought white would be a welcome change from the typical mani. The white didn't apply as well as I would have liked, but it may be due to the lack of a base coat. (I know, I know, I should use a base coat, but I have a bad habit of never using one. I'll change that soon.)

On top of two coats of Snow White, I used "Party of Five Glitters" from the Wet n Wild Fast Dry collection. It's a polish with assorted sizes of blue, green, silver, red and fuchsia glitter with a clear base. The glitter was a bit more sparse than I would have liked. I had to play around with the coats before I found a good balance, but also had to be cautious about not ruining the white base. 

To top it off I used an Acrylic Top Coat by Brucci. And there you have it, the Vanilla Funfetti design! I've had the mani on about a week now and there has been hardly any chipping. For my wear and tear on nails, this is great. The pictures were taken on day two. 

 The products:

Brucci "Snow White"

Wet n Wild's "Party of Five Glitters"

So there you have it! I've really enjoyed this design all week. Snow White stands out nicely and the Party of Five Glitters adds a pop of fun to the whole thing. What do you think, is this a Nail'd It! or a Fail'd It? Also, do you consider a Franken to be layering polishes or strictly mixing in a bottle? I'm curious and have a lot to learn, so leave some comments. Until next time!

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